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Pacific Buyers Group (PBG) was formed in 1993 to organize a membership for distribution of complete computer systems, components, software, and accessories specifically to this organized membership. The membership primarily consists of "specialty stores," VAR's (Value Added Resellers), Consultants, as well as both government agencies and federally funded purchases (schools) on the buying side, and OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer's), large vendors and distribution centers on the selling side.

Rapid changing market conditions are being forced upon this industry, IBM, Compaq, Gateway, Dell, and Apple have all developed low-end, low-priced, systems for their own direct channels and mail order sales. PBG is taking this challenge head on. After all, tough times create market opportunities for those firms alert enough to seize it. Our concept of tomorrow's marketplace is a futuristic solution which has at least a three to five year life generating a great deal of interest and support by the "little guy" competing with the "fast-food" style of computer sales. In general, people have a growing need for more service and consistency than they, the end-users, have been getting from the large retail chains.

Our marketing strategy outlined within brings an entirely fresh concept to our customer/member for the purchase of computer products, whether complete systems, upgrade components, software, or just training. We have established a manufacturer representative style of marketing for approved manufacturers and vendors, whom PBG feels comfortable with investing our time and energy with. If a person in Reno, Nevada has a problem that we can't solve... we attempt to suggest a local technician that we think can help the user solve their problem. If you are a consultant, send us your resume... we might send some business your direction some day.

Knowing that there are three primary elements of business: Price, Quality, and Service... and that NO business can offer all three at the same time and stay in business. Our primary focus is on Excellent Service (which has been, and is, generally lacking to the dealers and VARs in this industry), combined with name-brand Quality components (which are recognized as Quality through out the computer industry), offering competitive prices that are NOT always the best. Bottom line, we know and understand that we will never have the lowest prices on many items (monitors, hard drives, or RAM memory); however, with our buying power we CAN stay competitive and will allow us all to offer the end-user more for their money! Over 90% of our business is generated by word of mouth. In fact this web site and the corresponding inclusion on MicroMedia Publisher's, Inc.'s electronic catalog was our first advertising endeavor.


Our management team is composed of experienced individuals from manufacturing, marketing and finance. Currently PBG operations focus directly on building a strong foundation from which to work... training existing customers, securing new accounts, and assisting in problem solving. The management at PBG understands the elements required for growth. The following are all elements that are important to us:

1. Understand customers, competition and industry;
2. Product/service/channel/customer congruency;
3. Balance people/management/business goals;

PBG is a relatively new concept in this industry, with NOT ONE computer oriented "buyers group" on the west coast. However, the industry itself, concerning Personal Computer's, is only a decade old. Knowledge is power, sharing such knowledge... helping those customers that want to be self-sufficient, and supporting and removing the worries from those that don't through good, honest, trustworthy maintenance and advise is one of our primary goals. We possess a solid management team with new concepts and marketing strategies. We feel that the most important variables are the condition of the industry and the fact that our concept is unique. There is no doubt that its a rough market out there, however we will continue to profit in this market.


During the past year the computer market has once again changed dramatically. No longer must computer systems be purchased in the specialty stores, with knowledgeable "hackers" and hobbyists, as well as a few trained technicians doing the assembly, installation, or upgrades. Virtually overnight, with the likes of Microsoft and other large companies, computing became easier. Just about anyone from 2 to 100+ can learn to point and click a mouse, and run some of the most advance multimedia programs. Word processing, spreadsheets, balancing your check book, figuring your budget, and making a greeting card has never been easier and the prices have never been less expensive.

Today's buyers acquire products through their local (and trusted) consultant (if they have one), or through mass merchandisers (such as: Cost-Co, Wall-mart, J.C. Penny's, Wards, Sears, Fred Meyers, Etc.) and the infamous RAGS (like: Computer Shopper, PC Magazine, PC World, Computer Buying Guide, or one of the other hundreds of trade publications that can either make or break a company.) Many multi-million dollar businesses have closed there doors, filed chapter 11, or struggle to survive (forgetting about "market share").

A normal person CAN install Windows and any one of ten thousand other programs, which once required a trained and/or experience technician just a couple years ago. As we move into a new era, these specialty stores are slowly dissipating into yesterdays' memories, unless their service, knowledge, and resourcefulness is better than their direct competition. Diversification is the next key to survival. Having a lot of knowledge in a handful of areas that can benefit your customers will also help you and your future.

Pacific Buyer's Group (PBG) is a cautious, slow moving, service oriented, knowledge based company that has experience, knowledge and resources to help our customers generally better than our competition.


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