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Budget Based Products

The products in this column are priced to sell. Most of the products are good quality, were bought in large volumes as closeouts, liquidations, overstocks, and barter (trades) deals. There is generally NO WARRANTY unless otherwise stated... but the price is usually very low and well worth the risk.

 Custom - New - High Quality Products

The items in this column are generally of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Price is higher than the budget side, but still often very competitive to the market as a whole. 

CD Roms - Budget Computer Hardware - Highend Custom Systems 
Budget Computer Speakers, Headphones, and Microphones  CD Roms - Name Brand, High Value 
Computer Hardware - Budget Based, Closeouts & Liquidation, Referbs Computer Hardware - Highend, High Proformance, Value Added
  Business Apprasials 
  Tax Consulting & Info 
  PVC & Vinyl materials - covers, liners, water tanks, packaging, etc. 
  Pool Sticks (Billiard) & Tables 
  Gordite fixture covers, kitchen & bathroom accessories 

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