Electronic Catalogs on CD-ROM

Completely Custom 

A New Look for your Existing Catalog

A key part of any business is getting the word out!

bulletGetting people to know that you - your products and services - exist,
bulletProviding them with information giving you a chance to effectively compete,
bulletProving that you care enough about them to put information and incentive to do business with you at their fingertips.

Having an electronic catalog can help you and your growing business. When combining our electronic catalog with the power and width of the Internet, you can use the power of technology to immediately put your company's name, information, products and services directly in the hands of your current customers, dealers, distributors, future employees, as well as potential customers and new distribution opportunities.

Nearly any "web master" - person that builds web sites - can sell (or confuse) you on how great they are at their career or hobby. They can talk circles around the average beginner, with terms like: hits, uniques, scans, links, designs, etc. Some of you may know these terms, and the thousands of others in the Internet and Computer world. However, all of this technical jargon doesn't make sales, doesn't qualify the customer, and can't service the customer without spending a whole lot of time and energy.

We have a formula that combines the old and new. The old style of putting value into the hands of your customers, of qualified customers, of people you may never think of meet, or otherwise be able to reach... with the new technology of the Internet and power of computers.

Do I have your interest yet?

bulletIf you aren't selling a product or service, then you have read far too much and are probably wasting your time.
bulletIf you are growing faster than you can keep up with, you probably don't need the services, knowledge, and abilities we have to offer.
bulletIf you require fast response, this isn't for you.


However, if you:
bulletare building a long term future;
bulletplan to be in business for two or more years;
bulletwant to reach qualified customers all over the US and English speaking countries;
bulletwant to get your name out;
bulletneed to test different marketing strategies and/or products;
bullethave a product or service used by people that own computers;
bulletbelieve in the power of groups of people each spending a little money to accomplish a larger goal (which few could afford individually);
bulletcan't list prices in your catalog, because the prices or products change faster than you can afford to print the new catalog or prices, or you are tired of faxing updates, changes, and customers complaining or calling about the mistakes. We have a solution for you!
bulletare spending money printing paper-based catalogs, which are getting out dated within a few days or weeks from the time you began distributing them, we have an answer for you!
bulletwant an additional marketing ploy to reduce your long term costs, increase your companies advertising and marketing ability, modernize and have technology start working for you... then let us get the ball rolling!

You can use this powerful tool to jump ahead of, or keep up with, your competition!

What we can guarantee:

  1. getting your company name, your product or service on 500,000 to 7,000,000 CD Rom discs over the next year!
  2. having an accumulated possibility of another 50,000 to 20,000,000 users access your latest information directly from the Internet.
  3. putting your information in the hands of people that own computers, and buy products for their PCs;
  4. qualifying the customer... only interested people call on their dime, and e-mail can easily be managed;
  5. gathering information about your customer. What are the demographics of the people interested in YOUR product?
  6. testing different approaches, rewarding responses from potential customers.
  7. making your information SNAP to the screen of the prospects computer (verses waiting for the Internet to load the pictures & info).
  8. allowing the customer, dealer, distributor, and wholesalers have access to your product information, while maintaining confidentiality.

The cost is minimal verses the potential benefits.  

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