Software Design and Development

We bring concepts to life!

When a program is written, it then needs tested for more than just "functionality." There are literally thousands of things which should be taken into consideration when developing a product for the public market.

The sheer volume of different makes and models of hardware, drivers, and operating systems alone makes it a challenge to guarantee your program's compatibility with the majority of end-users. For example: from a given 10 computers purchased from the same exact vendor, 99% of the time there will be subtle differences between each of the systems. It maybe a different BIOS date, a brand or model change, even different configuration. A programmer can not take all of those things into account, and generally can not test for even 50% of the differences that exist. This is one of our specialties. In the last 20 years we have helped many companies improve their products... through beta testing, design consulting - concentrating on the user interface, the competition, and the overall functionality of the program itself. Over 5 million discs (CD-ROMs) have been distributed by a company named MicroMedia Publishers, Inc. over the last 2 years, and they have received less than 1,000 technical support calls, faxes, e-mail, and issues to date. This is due, to a large degree, to our technical expertise and ability to work with programmers and developers to remove, work around, and otherwise better deal with problems and difficulties. We test for varies levels of user ability, stupid problems, and issues an end-user may have. MicroMedia's discs aren't prefect... just a close as humanly possible, when it comes to technically sound.

If you have an idea, a concept, or desire to have a new product developed to solve a specific problem - automate a task - or fulfill a need we can help you bring it to life! We can give you realistic feed-back, intelligent analysis, and probability of success based on our professional opinions, the market, competition, and the manner you want to sell the product (once it is finished).

We can select the programmers, and various other professionals to make the project come together as quickly and efficiently as possible. The amount of time and money are our only limitations! Projects vary from utility programs, games, reference material, to full-blown applications.


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