Small Business


Our goal is to make your job easier!

With a little bit of your time we CAN help solve your business problems, increase your productivity and enable you to make the most of your time and money! You can't be expected to know everything or meet every challenge that comes up all by yourself. No one can... including us. The proverbial phrase, "You can't see the forest for the trees" is often so very true. Allowing an independent third-party to help you define, find, and suggest solutions can be a smart move. The most successful business owners are often that way because they have surrounded themselves with people that know things, see things, and can do things better or as well as the owner.

We have specialists in a variety of fields. business, computers (hardware & software), graphics, marketing, sales, accounting, education, and automation and more!

Individuals - Limited primarily to computers... Buying a new system or upgrading and software.

Small Business - We have people that have a lot of knowledge and experience with home-based businesses, cottage industries, and tele-communications. Computers - hardware & software, marketing, and general business growth and improvement. We can help you grow your business, give you information to improve your cash flow and the bottom line.

Corporate - Success is important, and  is often difficult to maintain.  As a third party evaluator, we can review your needs, and the problems you have defined. We can give a third party opinion, and suggestions, regarding your staff's business practices, employee knowledge and training, and how money or time might be used more effectively, how cash-flow can be improved, and/or general productivity increased.

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