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Basically, for the "normal" person there are two primary types of computer systems - either an IBM compatible or Macintosh. The latest estimates are that 85 to 90% of the market uses an IBM compatible PC. Macintosh holds about 10 to 15% of this market share (mostly in graphics arts shops and schools), and other system types make up the balance.

The original PC was made by International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) around 1980,  as a feature packed upgrade from the "Altair" (dubbed the very first computer - made from a kit, first introduced to the public by Popular Mechanics magazine in 1974).

Until a few years ago Motorola made the CPU (Central Processing Unit) for all the Macintosh computers. Apple computer (the Mac's ancestor) took the educational market by storm through-out the 80's by giving, loaning, and granting schools systems for no cost or very low costs. Then Apple transformed its image and focus to the graphics world in the mid to late 80's. A market which Apple-Macintosh basically "owned," until Microsoft released Windows 3.1 and large companies began jumping on the ban-wagon, pushing the Microsoft train.

Now, whether people like it or not, MS (Microsoft) owns and controls the computer market and the industry. With few exceptions, Microsoft is the market leader, trend setter, and establisher of the directions this industry will go in the present and at least the near future. Internet, email, voice conferancing, and wide area networks are terms that have become popular within the last couple years. What do the next few years hold? How will the growth, changes, and trends affect you, your business, your children, and your life? This is our job, our specialty, and what we do best. We help define your computing needs. We help guide you in the direction that will give you the most flexibility and a solid position with your computer hardware and software, to take advantage of  the current technology and future enhancements.

Understanding what you want to do with your computer NOW, a year from now, and five years from now will help make the best use of your money, and give you an opportunity to get "the biggest bang for the buck." Most people purchase a computer to accomplish what they want now... without regard to their future use, the future software, or advancements in technology. Purchasing a computer in this fashion is like rolling the dice, sometimes you get lucky and get a good "deal" and other times you get something that won't do what you need six months from the time you buy it.

There are basically two types of non-portable computers, a person can get. They are "Canned" and "Custom." I have given a basic describtion of both below. We generally don't follow the different makes and models of "canned" systems. We specialize in custom systems. If you have any questions regarding components please check our hardware section. If you want the latest information from our internet web site, click the following address:

Canned -

This is an "off-the-shelf" computer system out of a retail store... generally with a large company name on the front of it. We can purchase virtually any brand of system you would like. Send us the exact make and model of system you are looking at, the component listing, warranty, and price. We will attempt to meet or beat the price - if that is what you really want, and can make suggestions and point out some things that you might not know, and should. These type of computers are generally thought of as "throw-away" systems, with limited upgradability.

Custom -

This is a system that is designed, with each component inside, being selected specifically for you... your needs, goals, and/or budget. These are the type of systems we like the best. Generally we don't make as much money, and the actual cost is higher; however, the performance differences are phenomenal. We have built 486 systems that out perform Pentiums, and Pentiums that can compete with "canned" Pentium Pros. Primary Advantage: complete upgradability and flexibility with minimal expense or changes for future upgrades and growth.

Then we have:

Individual Components -

Used for Upgrades, Repairs, and Replacements. Generally only by an experienced technicians. For a reasonable fee, we can help you determine how you can best upgrade your computer system... optimizing your money, time, and resources.


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