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We can help improve your current site, or custom design a new one.

Why the Internet?

Most companies are on the "Net" simply because it is "expected." Ten years ago the Fax machine was becoming an expected tool in business, today both the customer and the dealers glean information from the Net. e-mail is common place, and the Net allows a small company to appear larger and a large company to support it's customer base and sales force more completely, effectively, and efficiently. 

What Will it Take?

 Simply putting a page on the Internet is only a very small part of what needs to be done. Demographics, purpose, and desired goals are all part of the things which must be considered in detail, planned for, and modified to best suit your specific needs and goals.

Each Web Browsers have different abilities and compatibilities. Then you have the more technical questions: use frames or not, fast graphics, pages that access quickly, and a lot of other things makes developing web pages something more than most people can do, more time consuming than most want.

That is where we come in. How we can help! Our prices are reasonable, and our quality speaks for itself. Not too elaborate or plain.

Web Site Consultation

If you are already on the Internet and have a Web Site, we offer a cost-effective consulting service to help you more fully recognize and effectively address your target audience. Maybe your site is perfect and solving all of your needs. Then, again, maybe your site looks nice and is functional, but is missing key elements that can help you even more. 

It is our goal to offer you a service which will give you a completely different way of approaching your target audience in a more effective and eye-catching manner.

Electronic Catalogs 

PBG can quickly and cost-effectively create an electronic catalog using your existing web site... or develop a whole presence for your company. 

Get your product information in front of new customers; make price updates without reprinting your catalog or fliers; reach new people that you would otherwise never come across; and take advantage of the power of computers and technology! 

Looking to add some value to your product? Unsure of your customers demographics or interest in your product or service? We can provide your business with various low-cost options, allowing you to give your customers incentives for purchasing your product or services. Participating in surveys, sending registration cards, and/or for giving feed back. We have found that virtually every one likes to get FREE and low-cost gifts. When a person owns a computer, the value is even greater, the possibilities endless.

E-Mail us for more information on these exciting opportunity! 

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