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Simply putting a page on the Internet is only a very small part of what needs to be done. Demographics, purpose, and desired goals are all part of the things which must be considered in detail, planned for, and modified to best suit your specific needs and goals.

If you think you are going to quickly and easily get rich from the Internet, think again. It is possible, and it can happen. There are over 50 million users on the Internet, with varying demographics. The users age ranges from 8 to 80... with an average age of 25 to 45. In 1998 the industry projection is 2% of the sales that occur in a non-face to face fashion will occur on the Net... and this mere 2% reportedly equals over 3.8 BILLION dollars; yes, that is Billion with a capital "B." Could any of that money become yours?

Most companies are on the "Net" simply because it is "expected." Ten years ago the Fax machine was becoming an expected tool in business, today both the customer and the dealers glean information from the Net. e-mail is common place, and the Net allows a small company to appear larger and a large company to support it's customer base and sales force more completely, effectively, and efficiently.

Advertising your site is negotiable, most companies use the Internet to support their business, to reduce their over all costs, and to make the time spent more cost effective. Think for a moment how many people request the same exact things. The request might be by phone, in person, or via the fax machine. Product information, Company Policies, Sales information, and so many other items are repeatedly discussed multiple times during virtually each and every day. If these same items are tactfully, professionally, and impressively placed on the Internet, you will almost instantly reduce the redundancy, the efficiency of your staff used to repeatedly answer the same questions over and over again. And, in turn, this will accomplish two things:



... to be on the Net, to show that your company knows where the future is going, and to reduce your companies expenses.

If your product line, photos, and information in readily available on the Internet for your dealers and distributors to download, view, and print out for themselves  you don't have to fax as much... you don't have to deal with as many telephone calls... and your companies time and money can be both saved and optimized.

Information can be updated more quickly, literally on a daily basis if it is necessary. The salesperson can quote the days prices - based on whatever changes you want to institute. The customer can get the latest problem solving reports for your product. So, what is stopping you?


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