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Green Wing "Dusty" All Photos were takes on 2005-11-04

1 - Green wing Macaw (second biggest of the Macaws) – named “Dusty” – 1 yr old hand fed weaned baby –sweet… pretty sure male, but just guessing - has been indoors 'his' entire life. Has been in a carry-on in airplanes, and travels well. Says “hello” “I love you” cracker, pretty bird, blue’s a pretty bird, what, step up, and many other words and phrases. Loves attention. Seems to prefer females. Has been good around children, was handled a lot as a baby. Perfect feather, very talkative, wants to please… loves being perched or out of cage during the day. Enjoys showers. Would be good for family, has been to show-n-tell at schools, and would make awesome companion. Will flap wings and try to “run away” from people he doesn’t know. Full size (approx. 4x4x6) dome top Cage is available for $450 above selling price. Asking $1500 obo.

Green Wing "Rainbow" All Photos were takes on 2005-11-04

1 - Green wing Macaw (second biggest of the Macaws) – named “Rainbow” – 4 yr old hand fed - surgically sexed female – absolutely sweet… has been indoors her entire life, excluding a 4 day/3 night escape to the tops of trees, when she first learned to fly, saying “hello” “I love you” and “help” until she finally figured out how to land where I could get her. Hasn’t attempted escape since. Loves to cuddle, good around children, was handled a lot, and traveled to stores and in vehicle a lot for the first 2 years of her life. Perfect feather, very talkative, wants to please… loves being perched or out of cage during the day. Has gone to anyone, once out of cage. Hasn’t been nippy or any problem to date. Enjoys showers. Would be great for family, show-n-tell at schools, and would make awesome companion. Collapsible mobile Cage is available for $150 above selling price. Asking $1800 obo.


A few answers to some common questions:


The birds are currently in the Knoxville, TN area (if you are figuring mileage, do so from MaGee-Tyson (Knoxville - TYS) Airport).

NO, I’m not interested in trading for any other bird(s) – EXCEPT maybe a Hyacinth. 

Yes, I am willing to consider trades for certain other things… all items offered for trade MUST have clear title, and would be subject to written agreement.

Delivery is actual cost of the airline ticket(s), or $0.75 per mile if I'm driving.

Yes, I’m willing to deliver the bird(s) if necessary, if I’m prepaid for the birds – and for the delivery. AND it's an area I normally travel to - or reasonably close to.

Yes, I’m willing to meet someone part of the way, which may or may not be subject to mileage fee.

All airline delivery is subject to the airlines requirements, buyer bares the costs.

Any delivery will also incur the cost of an appropriate shipping container (pre-paid). If I happen to be traveling to the area you are then free delivery or drastically discounted delivery might be possible. Please email me with your location, and I can tell you if I normally travel near there.

Pick up of the bird(s) must be scheduled. Because I travel far too much, this is flexible to a degree, but the birds must be pre-paid for. Arrangements can be made for you to pick them up.

More photos of the birds are possible. Please only request them if you are serious about purchasing them.

Vet Checks – I prefer them. I guarantee that my birds are healthy, disease free, and are as described to the best of my knowledge and ability. I believe the current cost is $45 per bird. At my asking prices, that price is included. If we agree on a lesser amount, then you either pay for the vet check or assume the purchase “As Is”

I can deal with cash, check, money order, pay pal, and credit card (with proper ID and sales agreement).


Brief background: We had a large outdoor aviary on the west coast through the 90’s – at one point over 250 breeding pair of Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons, Conures, Africans, and a few other specialty types.

When we decided to move to the east coast (1998) we began liquidating (sold and traded) everything but our Macaws (our favorite of the parrot family that can live in virtually any environment – high or low humidity – in doors or out). We were getting 10 to 20 babies a year, with an easy sell through.

In 2001 my ex decided to move back to the west coast, leaving me all the birds to deal with. I sold the few I didn’t “like” and kept my “favorites” – and those that required the least amount of attention.

It’s to a point that I’m traveling far too much, and finding reliable people to responsibly take care of my birds is increasingly difficult. Therefore, I’m selling them… and am interested in finding them good homes, where they will be well cared for and get the attention they desire (not demand). I only have a few macaws left… and 5 are unique individuals, 2 very proven productive pairs. I want to sell (or would consider certain trades - NOT FOR OTHER BIRDS).

I have only been home only 9 weeks this entire year... my birds are well fed and cared for, but not getting the attention they deserve. Between my job requirements and visiting my children on the west coast, I’ve been required to travel far more than anticipated.

All my birds are healthy and used to not being handled all the time (and absolutely love showers and attention when they get it). I feel guilty because they deserve more attention than they get.

Random Photos of Baby Green Wing Macaws Babies.... Handfed - Weanlings

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