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'99 Ford F350 Dually Built to Tow 95% Highway miles New Motor Oct 04 & Tranny

Vehicle Description
1999 F350 Super Duty XLT Dually
Long Bed - Crew Cab
with New 7.3 Power Stroke Diesel Motor
(motor has Unlimited Mileage Warranty expires October 2006)


This is a ’99 Ford F350 – long bed, crew cab dually – NOW ON SAFE STEROIDS! This is the nicest, low mileage Power stroke dually you will find.  This is NOT a stock truck, and you will not find one like this sitting on any dealer lot, anywhere in the world! It was a good truck that was customized where it counts!

Understand, I’m selling this truck because I have to, not because I want to. My ex-wife took me back to court for more child support, and not only got a HUGE raise (from $500 to $1300 a month) BUT the judge made it retroactive! So, I’m nearly $10,000 in the hole! If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be selling this truck! It’s a work horse… and a towing machine! This is an exceptional example of a 5th wheel hauler, yet looks and feels like a normal F350 pickup truck!  It is in good condition inside and out.  If you are looking for the nicest Power Stroke for the money to pull your big toys, then this is it.  It gets a lot better mileage than the Mini-Freightliners, the Chevy Kodak's, and the Ford F450's - yet has about the same towing capacity the way it's built and customized.

We originally bought it with 25k miles on it from Butler Ford, in Ashland, Oregon. It's designed for cold weather, pulling steep mountains, and tweaked for optimum towing capacity and safety! It was originally customized by the owner of the dealership, and then I had more changes and upgrades made.

  • Banks Dyna-Fast kit (turbo pressure, exhaust temp, and trans temp gauges just to the left of the driver, tucked away and lighted. (a must have for towing) Oversized air intakes and exhaust for added horse power. ($8250 add-on).
  • Transmission cooler (largest that would fit, and works awesome) Truck seldom registers over 140 degrees, unless towing large load up step hill. ($500 add-on)
  • Trans-Lock (keeps torque converter (in automatic transmission) from “free wheeling” and gaining speed when going down hills) Control box is attached to firewall under brake pedal. ($550 add-on)
  • Stainless Steel BD Exhaust Brakes (like a “jake brake” on a semi-truck). This is incredible! Never had to touch the trucks brakes when going down a hill as step as 6%, even with the 20k trailer attached. Heavy duty compressor and all electronics are still hooked up and in full working order. DFIV (computer control for BD link – under dash) it’s an AWESOME addition! (now only 90% installed – needs to have elbow containing butterfly value reinstalled when motor warranty is up… ($2200 add-on)
  • Ford Performance Air Box & Filter kit (adds 15 – 25 hp) ($450 add-on)
  • Full length steel tube Running Boards with Diamond Plate footings (rated 350lb.) goes out toward bed, acts as a flare protector for low objects, and a step to reach into the front of the bed of the truck ($400 add-on)
  • Heavier Overload springs
  • Heavy Duty Brakes
  • Telescoping power mirrors – with movable bottom mirror ($600 add-on)
  • Chipped (not currently installed – it’s programmable 4 mode computer available (1=stock, 2=performance, 3=towing, 4=super towing (over 6,000lbs))) (a $600 add-on)
  • 5th wheel wiring, and assorted tow plug wiring installed ($300 add-on)

Over $13,200 worth of Add-ons & Upgrades!

We bought it to haul our 40’ 5th wheel across the US (usually I-40, I-70, I-80, or I-10) a few times a year – for tradeshows and to visit the kids in Oregon! It easily cruises at 75 mph while pulling our 5th wheel on flats and most grades. I-40 was our preferred route, and the one we normally made the best time on (avg. 38 to 44 hours from Knoxville to Oregon). On the Rocky Mountains we normally slowed down to 50 to 65, depending on the steepness of the mountain. This truck has been used by adults, for long distance travel (avg. 6 to 10k a trip – east to west coast and back) a few times a year.

It is already set up to plug in your electric brake controller (no extra wiring required), and had a 24k lbs. rated 5th wheel hitch and Class III receiver (holes & mounts are there for your hitch rails). Trailer plugs galore! There’s the 5th wheel/goose neck lights/brakes/power connector in the bed. Just off the back bumper, there’s the standard 7 prong round Ford plug, the 4 prong Dodge plug, and the 6 wire Chevy plus.

New Turbo – April 2004 – Mon-O-War Ford – Lexington, KY

New Transmission – approx. August 2004 – Butler Ford of Ashland (Oregon)

New Cam Shaft Sensor – Mountain States Ford – Denver, CO October 2004

New Motor – October 2004 – Mountain States Ford
                       (remainder of 2 year unlimited mileage Ford warranty (expires Oct 06)

New Batteries – Mountain States Ford – November 2004

New Glow Plus Sensor & Glow Plugs – Mountain States Ford – January 2005

Because I spent so many miles traveling from coast to coast – I had the slightest hick-up checked, and replaced if there were any doubts. To the best of my knowledge, this truck is in better than new condition mechanically. All the service is up to date and the truck is ready to drive anywhere. I wouldn’t hesitate to drive it anywhere!

The truck has not been chipped since the new motor…

Truck has not been pushed hard since the new motor…

There is about 10,000 miles on new motor…

About 12,000 miles on new transmission…

Call me with any questions about this vehicle:  800-511-4613.


More Photos Below


Because the truck enjoyed mild summers and mild winters, the exterior is in excellent condition.  Even the rubber trim around the windows are still nice and pliable.  The truck has never been involved in any kind of traffic accident.

The only known blemishes are:

Plastic on back bumper, from backing into a trailer tongue on the bumper; a small scratch on the lower back drivers side door, happened while shopping; a scratch (with cover paint) on the tail gate, from opening the tail gate on top of the handle of my car hauler trailer.  A set of chains came off on the rear passenger dually’s, stripping the mud flap on that side (other side mud flap was manually removed to match) and caused small fiber glass break cleanly off on inside corner (not noticeable without close inspection). The front rims have some wear marks from either rubbing a curb or having the tires rotated.

The truck has all original paint, with some custom graphics added.  The paint is glossy and did not require buffing.  It shines like a new truck.  I have not noticed any door dings in the truck.  I did have a few minor rock chips professionally touched up just so they would not take away from this immaculate vehicle.

There are two small rock impacts in the windshield, toward the center. They were filled in, and are not noticeable from the outside. It has been there for several years and is not spreading.  Since the windshield is otherwise in good shape and it had no problems passing state inspection. 

Driver's side back door Driver's side back door Driver's side tailgate Inside Passenger side flare
Front Drivers Side Rear Drivers Side Front Passenger Side Rear Passenger Side
Telescoping Mirrors Bends toward the cab And away from the cab Bottom mirror is MOVES

Mechanical condition:

This truck has a NEW FACTORY MOTOR (installed October 2004 – less than 15k miles on it) and has the balance of an UNLIMITED MILEAGE FACTORY WARRANTY that expires October 2006. Brand new Transmission (installed July 2004 – about 25k miles on it), and Turbo in May 2004 – about 30k miles on it.

Mechanically, this truck has been very well cared for, including regular oil changes. The slightest problem has been repaired or replaced. The truck has not skipped a beat since.  The tires were just rotated. I normally purchase 2 new front tires, and move the fronts that were on to either one side in the back or split them to the inside or the back, so all 6 tires don’t have to be dismounted and rebalanced during the rotation. This truck was used by the owners of company, and because it was a business vehicle no expense was neglected in it’s maintenance.


80,215 miles (95% highway miles) - Towing Package
- V8, 7.3L Turbo Diesel - Heavy Load Upgrade
- Automatic Transmission (5 speed w/Over Drive) - Off-Road Skid Plates
- 4 Wheel Drive (6 on the dually - 4 axles)

- Alloy Wheels

- Automatic Hubs - allowing for low speed (below 55 mph) shift on the fly into 4-wheel drive mode - Large 38 gallon fuel tank (normal was 32 or 34 gallons)
- 4:10 Limited Slip Rear End - Dual Rear Wheels
- Limited Slip rear end (perfect for towing heavy loads and 4 wheel drive on freeway) - Electric Brake Controller connector & trailer towing connectors
- XLT Package - everything but leather - White with Custom Graphics and Grey interior
- Air Conditioning - recharged 2004 - locking tail gate (matches door key)
- Power Steering - remote controlled door lock, 2 stage unlock, and alarm
- Power Windows - Power Door Locks
- Tilt Wheel - Cruise Control (works at low speeds)
- AM/FM Stereo - Premium Sound (front and rear speakers)
- Single Compact Disc (Holds Place when restarting) - Cassette (Auto switching) - perfect for audio books
- Mute button - for silence (during phone call) - Auxiliary Button for add-ons (MP3 player,etc)
- Runs and drives like new
(most of it actually is!)
- Privacy Tinting on back windows and rear window
- ABS (4 wheel) - Never wrecked or repainted
- Power Drivers Seat
(Captains seats in Front, bench in back)
- Cold weather ready - plug in the built in water heater for instant warm ups on those cold nights.
- Sliding Rear Window - Very well maintained
- Spray in Bed Liner - Meticulous owner (and business expense account)

It was plumbed for a 105 gallon fuel tank in the bed, gravity feed. I have taken that out, but would be happy to show (or tell) you the least expensive (and I think most effective) way to install your own. With the main tank, the add-on tank, and hoses it held just almost 150 gallons of diesel. Which allowed me to get diesel where it was the least expensive (Oklahoma, Texas, or Kingman, AZ) and drastically reduce my trip expenses; or buy when it was cheap - and more easily weather the price fluctuations. When Katrina hit I was running on $1.69 a gallon fuel, when the prices shot up to over $5.00 a gallon in Atlanta (and nearly $4 here in Tennessee).

This truck is listed for sale locally, as well as on this website.  I may sell at any time for a local buyer. I am a PRIVATE PARTY, not a dealer. I have had numerous dealers inquire about this truck, but only want to pay stock low blue book - I'll turn it into a boat anchor before I accept that! Make your offer fair and reasonable... and it will be considered. I'm selling under stress (due to the ex) not desire, and I'm not stupid - I know what this truck is worth, and the amount of money (and time) it would take to turn a stock truck into the towing machine this already is!

While this truck is in excellent condition and I would drive it anywhere, it is sold with no warrantee expressed or implied, except on the motor – which is good until October 2006 regardless of mileage. Understand, the warranty is absolutely conditional! If you chip it, reinstall the exhaust brakes, and/or fail to do normal and regular maintenance Ford make void the warranty.

You are responsible for all local and state taxes in your state. There are none in Oregon, and I don't want to figure out what they are in your state.

I MAY OFFER PARTIAL FINANCING, with approved credit and sizable down payment. May consider some trades (probably not for other vehicles). I am interested in some flat, usable land (preferably in OR, CA, or CO near one of the interstates I regularly travel); however, any such land must be zoned to allow me to park an RV there - and have no building requirements, or time restrictions.

Delivery is the sole responsibility of the buyer.  I would be happy to pick you up at the Knoxville airport, with prior arrangements.  Also, I’m  willing to deliver the truck for a fee.  Please contact me for details.

With any questions or to arrange a local purchase, please call me toll free at: 800-511-4613


Blemish - where chains hit Banks DynaFast Gauges Spray in Bed Liner - holes for goose neck and 5th wheel rails The bed does need cleaning.


Seat Covers (front seats) and floor mats have been used since day one. The interior has never been very dirty (it will need vacuumed). It is original, and I’ve never needed to shampoo the seats or the carpet. Even the driver’s seat is in excellent condition showing none of the wear on the edge that you usually see with normal wear and tear.  Original seat covers are still in the truck, and can be easily changed (and should be). Children have never spilled anything in this vehicle. Truck is being used and is not cleaned or detailed... I'll leave that up to the buyer.

You may be curious how and why the motor blew up. To be honest, it's not completely known. Ford blamed it on the physical chip or the person that had the truck before me. I don't know why it happened, just when and what happened, and how it was fixed. Luckily, most all of the replaced parts were covered under warranty... with new parts (not rebuilt). There was nearly $21,000 spent by the warranty company last year for the repairs. Other than the interior, body, axles, and rear end this is virtually a new truck... but better.
Vehicle Disclosures of Condition:

Please be advised that used vehicles will have typical scratches and dings inherent for their year, and mechanical parts are subject to fail. I have tried to include as many photos as possible. If there is something in particular you need a photo of (that's not here, or not as clear or close as you need) please let me know. I welcome a buyers inspection. If you plan to have a buyers inspection, please make arrangements with me, to inspect the vehicle prior to your purchase. You are responsible for any inspection charges and fees. This vehicle is being sold "as is" “where is” and is "final". Buyer acknowledges that No representations or warranties were relied upon by offer to purchase this vehicle, except as specifically stated within this information. Manufacturers warranties may still apply.


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